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About Us

Welcome to Jenisan Land Promoters

From its humble beginnings, started in a 100 SQFT office space in Tirunelveli, our founders Dr. C Sankar and Mr. Israel Thangaraj set out to define one of the most exciting real estate companies in South India.

Jenisan Land Promoters has grown to be one of the most trusted and recognizable household business names in TamilNadu. With a fresh approach and an unwavering commitment to excellence in all areas.

  • 30 Projects in TamilNadu
  • 6 Branches
  • 500 Dedicated Sales Executives
  • 100,000 Proud Land Owners

As distinct from the bigger generic real estate companies who tend to focus on internal competition rather than client satisfaction, here at Jenisan Land Promoters we pride ourselves on forging relationships that are built to last. With many of our clients - repeat customers of many years standing, our extensive personal connections and unparalleled business networks serve to create a loyal community of trust and understanding.

Jenisan Land Promoters is one of the first in the industry to introduce easy installment schemes that resulted in thousands of our customers fulfill their dream of owning their land. Jenisan land promoters with vast experience in the local real estate market, selects its project location with utmost care. Most of our completed projects, the land prices has doubled and in some cases quadrupled.

ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company

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